Allexander MacLurg
Alexander MacLurg, after taking a degree m the Royal University and a theological course in Assembly's College and Princeton, became Minister of the Presbyterian Church at Ardstraw in Co. Tyrone. He married Nannie Nicol Leitch, daughter of Rev. William Leitch Minister of the United Free Church in Helensburgh in Scotland in 1895. They had six children: Katherine Leitch in 1896, William in 1897, Deborah Mary in 1900, Anne Harden in 1903, John in 1906, and Alastair in 1907. They moved to Toronto in Canada in 1913 where Will, when war broke out, joined the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry and was killed in the second battle of the Somme in 1916, aged 19. After moving to Washington, Pennsylvania in 1918, Katie died in the influenza epidemic of 1919.
Alexander MacLurg with his wife and youngest son, Alastair, returned from Kelowna in 1926 when his sister Anna was ill. After a stunner at Templemoyle they went to Sligo where he became Minister of the Presbyterian Church. After the death of his sister Anna in 1928 he moved to Tobermore Presbyterian Church to be nearer to Templemoyle, which he now owned having bought out his sister Martha's share with the help of the money received from the sale of the out farm at the Braes. He died from pernicious anaemia in 1934 aged 65.