David McClorg
Two brothers, Alexander and David, who were still at Templemoyle had married Elizabeth and Margaret Watson from Carrowclare near Limavady. David and his family lived on the small out farm at the braes beside the river which may have belonged to William Forrest before he emigrated. There is an indenture of 1794 for land of which William Forrest was the tenant which seems to have come into McClurg's occupation. David enquired of his brothers whether he also should go out there but they advised him not to do so and instead he moved to Limavady and later to London where he seems to have prospered as a linen merchant. His two sons, John and Alexander, received good education in England and Alexander after getting a degree in Medicine in Trinity College, Dublin, entered the Indian Medical Service in which he rose to the rank of Surgeon Major by 1879. His dress sword and helmet hung in the hall at Templemoyle. After the death of her sons when their mother was left alone in London, her nephew, William McClurg went over and brought her back to Templemoyle. On the morning after her arrival she said that she was tired after her journey and would stay in bed, where she stayed until she died fifteen years later.
An Indenture dated 1826 continued the joint tenancy of 48 acres 1 rood and 17 perches Cunningham measure to David McClorg, James Rogers, Ezekiel Maxwell and David McClurg Jr. By 1866 Alexander McClorg was the sole tenant of the home farm of 71 acres and of the 21 acres at the braes. He extended his farm by fencing, draining, subsoiling and levelling turf banks on land at the top of the farm under a Government scheme to increase agricultural production in 1850. He built a new two storey house in 1855 and purchased an additional ten acres of land in Leeke townland in 1870. He died in 1879 aged 91.