William McClorg
William, Alexander's son, bought the tenancy of the 43 acre farm on the other side of the lane after the death of his cousin Robert Pollock in 1889. He extended and improved the dwelling house by building on a new kitchen and breakfast room. William built a two storey barn in which he installed a threshing machine powered by a horse drive in the yard. A cart shed, a stable, a byre for eight cows, a loose house, two pig styes, and a peat shed were built around a midden in the yard. In the upper yard where corn stacks were built there were sheds for poultry. The house on Robert Pollock's farm was converted into a house for fattening cattle. That farm was known as "Polk's place" and some of the fields on it called "Robert's Croft" and "Robert's Greens". In 1868 William McClorg had married Mary Collins from Desertmartin who was a cousin of the Witherows of Claudy. When she and her family were visiting her parents at Desertmartin, arrangements were made for the pony and trap from each farm to meet at Pat Bradley's pub in Glenshane to exchange their passengers and return to their own homes. They had three sons and two daughters: Alexander born in 1869, Anna in 1871, John in 1873, David in 1875, and Martha in 1877. John died from enteritis in 1886, aged 12 years.